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Medical Slides

Medical SlidesOur years of experience in this specialised industry offers a commitment to service and quality, cost effective manufacture of standard and non standard products, an understanding of customer needs ensuring Chance Glass stays at the forefront of specialised optical scientific glass production.

The glass used in the manufacture of all Chance Glass microscope slides is subject to rigid quality control procedures that ensures flatness with no impurities of defects. Durable non-fogging characteristics allow guaranteed storage without deterioration for at least one year. We advise a strict stock rotation procedure based on a maximum of twelve months for all microscope slides.

All Chance Glass microscope slides are subject to a customised washing technique that ensures a clean slide surface with optimum wettability characteristics.

Microscope Slides
Microscope Slides

Micro Cover Slips

Micro Cover SlipsChance Glass Micro Cover Slips are manufactured from optical quality borosilicate glass, which is subjected to the same high quality control procedures as the microscope slide glass.

The glass is formulated specifically to obtain high resistance to surface deterioration, resistance to fogging and microscopic mould, even under extreme environment conditions.

The optical qualities of Chance Glass' Micro Cover Slips are exceptional with rigorous production inspection to ensure flatness and freedom from impurities.

Chance Glass have the largest comprehensive range of Micro Cover Slips offering a wide selection of thicknesses and sizes. As well as our standard range shown on the back page we are able to offer non-standard sizes to customer requirements.